4 Linkedin Lead Generation Mistakes You Must Avoid

This is all about how smart you are on Linkedin lead generation. Salesnation during this lockdown period daily traffic on Linkedin has gone up by around 2400 per cent, that’s pretty crazy, right? Then why haven’t your sales rocketed up with this number as well? I mean, of course, there was this little tiny thing called Covid-19 and the economic downturn that followed it.

But regardless of that, I’ve found that a lot of salespeople are making a few small Linkedin prospecting mistakes over and over. This is having a dramatic effect on their effectiveness they’re doing a lot of things right but the mistakes I’m going to share with you in this article is wiping out all the otherwise fantastic work. So read this entire article so that you can rectify Linkedin lead generation mistakes and fix them.

Mistake #1: Find Out Ideal Customer Profile –

Being the founder of leadfits.com where we help salespeople crush their quotas. Now the biggest mistake that most salespeople are making when prospecting on Linkedin is that they’re just not being strict enough with their ideal customer profiles. So an ideal customer profile is a hypothetical person that would get the most possible value from the product or service that you sell. So don’t make it tougher by wasting your energy prospecting completely the wrong people next up? 

Mistake #2: No Defined Strategy for Linkedin lead generation –

Do you find that some days you’re able to generate tons of leads from Linkedin and then you feel like you’re just wasting your time? Well, this often happens when salespeople don’t know what to do to get the attention of their buyers and convert it into product interest? They don’t have a strict system to implement this process.

4 Linkedin lead Generation Mistakes by leadfits

Mistake #3: Not Using Automation –

It starts with consistently sharing content on Linkedin. But it can be a real-time suck that’s why it’s imperative that you use a tool like Social Pilot to automate your posting. I use Social Pilot, a great piece of software and for just you, as an individual salesperson, you can definitely try their all in one social media management tools. 

Social Pilot allows you to schedule your Linkedin posts ahead of time and this saves you every day tons and tons of mental processing because you can then batch up your time of creating content. You can then work on the rest of your prospecting time and keep the two of them separate. Just you need to add your social accounts over here and remaining tasks will be taken care by Social Pilot.

Chances are you’re probably going about this all wrong and this is because you don’t need tens of thousands of followers to have success in most B2B sales roles. it’s different if you’re selling some random widget or fidget spinner to millions of people.

But for most b2b salespeople you need a couple of hundred extremely qualified prospects each year. And that is a far better strategy to go for extremely qualified individuals whom you reach out to and one by one. Individual basis versus trying to just blow up your Linkedin by following spamming and annoying thousands and thousands of individuals over the years.

So stop endangering your reputation on Linkedin and start putting in the effort to speak to the buyers that fit your ideal customer profile.

4 Linkedin lead Generation Mistakes by leadfits


Mistake #4: Ignoring Old Leads –

The final big Linkedin lead generation mistake is that they’re just ignoring their old sales leads. Think once so honestly right now that how often do you go back and message the people that you’ve engaged on Linkedin in the past. Maybe they have not purchased from you at the very first time.

Did you ever go back to them? Did you think in this way if they were qualified to do business with you originally and now presumably if you’ve been consistent with the content that you’re sharing in your engagement, they’ve probably seen a load of your content and they might have engaged with you? A bunch of times, it’s far more likely that they’re going to opt-in now and want to move the conversation forward so do not ignore your old Linkedin sales leads.

I have thought about how you can nurture your sales leads over the course of months rather than just days or even hours and you will have many more of those. I’m glad you called this just the right person at the right time. You can have a lot more of those types of conversations in the not too distant future and look.

According to the sales force, 75 per cent of B2B buyers use social media to make their purchasing decisions. We’re living in the golden age of selling right now. Too pretty much access to anybody could ever have hoped to prospect. So avoid these Linkedin lead generation mistakes and take advantage of the awesome time that we’re living in. 


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