10 Best Lead Generation Strategies for Small Business

best lead generation strategies
10 Awesome Lead Generation Strategies for Small Business in 2021


Are you ready to get the best way to generate leads in the next 12 months? It seems overwhelming. I am going to simplify the best lead generation strategies with you.

Let’s get started. First, let’s look at what lead generation is and what its purpose is. Lead generation is the first step in a four-step lead generation process –

a.Lead generation
b.Lead capturing
c.Lead nurturing
d.Lead engagement

Best Lead Generation Strategies – Online:

At present, lead generation is at the higher level of the lead generation funnel. Basically where we attract as many people as possible to our brand, our services, or products.

It is the beginning part of a relationship with a prospect. Ultimately and convert them into a customer. To welcoming a fresh inflow of leads to our business, we have to use it.

Over time we would start to decline. So let’s keep those prospects knocking on the door with the top ten best lead generation strategies for businesses in 2021:

1. Video Marketing : Best Lead Generation Strategies

The first one is my favorite video marketing: Videos are already dominating the internet with our favorite way to consume content and with YouTube as the second largest search engine in the world behind Google.

best lead generation strategies

Maybe they are watching a few of your videos, more chances that they’re going to call you for your services or your products.

 That’s why I said that for most businesses of the previous year(2019), video marketing is the best lead generation tool by far.

2. Clarity on Website :

Let’s move on to the second lead generation strategies. Clarifying the message on your website: No matter how great your videos, if people watch your video and land on your website and your message is not showing engage they’re going to leave.

If your messaging on your website is confusing their not going to stick around, it is a lookout for the competition you don’t want because you need it.

It is most important to know that your website visitors will get these three things within three seconds of landing on your website.

  • The first thing what efforts you put into solving my problems.
  • The second one is what steps you can be doing to resolving my barriers of making life better.
  • Number three, make it comfortable and easy for you.

Now the reason why I say that number three is more important is that for the vast majority of websites that I see, the call-to-action. 

How do I get it is confusing more info get started so when a prospect lands on, your website they’re super clear what they’re going to, how it’s going to make their life better, and how they can get it phones number form to fill out, but it’s super neat.

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3. SEO Friendly Content Creation :

Moving on to the third SEO blog content, it is a lead generation tactic you may have heard many times and will be a better way to getting your website to rank top on Google for your keywords still depends on in 2019 on knowledgeable content.

The best way is by having great blogs on your website, so what’s SEO blog and content which is rich, relevant content that your demographic industry niche target the audience is looking for related to your industry.

Now I’m not talking about those crappy 200 to 400 words that I’ve seen some people putting on the website that doesn’t work today. 

It won’t work tomorrow, valuable content that you would be willing to read, and the most valuable part that the audience reading it would be so amazed by the quality of the content that they would share it with their friends.

For example, a local barber should create a blog on their website or the top 10 trending hairstyles in 2019.

 Now that blog should include ways to get it did pictures demo all that stuff like really make it unique and excellent for those people who are going to read it they’re going to love it, share it.

Another example would be a lawyer dealing with debt collection, for instance, they could write a blog of 10 steps to deal with debt collectors it would give them a top ten rich in detail list of the things they should and shouldn’t do what a debt collector calls them.

4. Content Distribution:

Moving on to number four is content distribution, only writing great content is not enough.

 It will need to get it in front of the people because when you write blog content for your website, you want to make sure that it reaches more people with those simple steps.
  • First, share that blog on social media so you can share it on LinkedIn on Facebook, on Twitter, all the appropriate channels for your business where your target audience is most likely hanging out.
  • The second thing you can do is look for social media influencers in your industry that would be willing to share your content you can reach out. 
  • Many of them will share it for free if they think that the content is valuable because some content may want a little money to do. As a post for influencer marketing is something that you should be concentrative on your post.
First, start with appropriately using the money on promoting your content on social media. 

If you have a blog that is doing well and start to show some ranking from top to bottom, you might want to put an ad on Facebook to reach a larger demographic and drive traffic to your website with unique blog content.

Not necessary to spend a fortune twenty-five bucks a week or fifty or a hundred buck for a month that’s going to be sufficient sometimes to get a decent amount of traffic to your blog you don’t have to spend.

5. Guest Posting :

The fifth lead generation strategy because its guest posting is when you contact other blogs or publications and offer them to write content for them. 

You would be surprised at how many publications are actively looking for great content to put on their online version or printed version of their publications.

The same goes for popular blogs that are always looking for relevant content a great opportunity.

 If you’re spending the time and energy to create great blogs, deleverage it and reach out. Then offer them to guest post on their publication, it may offer a link back from that publication back to your website. 

That is a nice amount of authority that you want is popular in SEO and lead generation.

6. Webinars :

It’s time to moving on to the six lead generation strategies and its webinars offering free online classes, aka webinars. 

It is a great way to build an audience and provide content position you as an authority for your target audience. 

It’s very much like arrangements in a Facebook audience registered for your webinar.

You can leverage Facebook to put an ad put twenty-five bucks to it to reach your target audience.

 RSVP invitation for a free webinar, You’re going to provide helpful information on how to solve the problem and give them a top three things that they can do to improve their lives in whatever industry you.

In the end, you know in the last five minutes, you can make an offer you can give them a discount entry and then try to get some customers that way. 

However, The important thing is you’re starting to develop a relationship with someone, can nurture over time, wouldn’t be a customer today. It will be next month or six months from now.

7. Paid Ads :

Moving to the seventh strategy is digital ads with over two a billion monthly users on both Facebook and Google customers are your future customers already there.

 It’s the only marketing strategy guaranteed to put your brand your product services in front of the right audience. 

I am very bullish for most businesses to be having at least a weekly ad on Facebook advertising their products and services.

Best Lead Generation Strategies – Offline:

8. Participating in Local Events :

I am focusing on the seven steps in digital marketing with the next three offline strategies, starting with number eight is networking by yourself knew at local events. 

It’s one of the best ways to generate leads for your business look for groups or event that will have the highest number of your target market.

 Your target audience is tons of tools out there that I use quite often is a meetup go to meetup.com and look for local events.

best lead generation strategies

9. Public Speaking :

The next number nine in public speaking networking is a good idea for your business to generate leads, then you seriously want to look at public speaking. I know that public speaking is not for some people fear public speaking more than death.

If you’re looking to build up your confidence to show the world what you made up for, you can look for a local Toastmasters will help you polish your public speaking skills. They have chapters about every single city in North America.

10. Cold Calling :

Moving on to number 10 generation strategies and it’s cold calling that I know you probably hate, Cold calling worked very well. The problem with cold calling is people trying to overdo it.

Let’s start with going to dedicate two hours on Tuesday morning from ten to twelve to call five new people that I’ve never called and what are the chances that do give people that you’re going to the call may not be interested in what you have to offer or hang it up on you it’s pretty good.

To do cold calling effectively, spend some time investigating it because you have to call at least 100 people, then you will get at least 1 to 5 new clients from them and give it a shot. 

You’re going to remember to keep those three most important things when cold calling to make business improvement:
  • number one prepared to know who you go to call and how you’re going to help them
  • number two call with the intent to provide value to Them, not trying to make a sale, but you’re trying to help them out.
  • number three, stand up and smile 55 percent of your message is in your body language specifically they’ll hear the difference.
So those were my unique lead generation 10 tips to help you grow your business question of the day. 

What is your most effective lead generation and links below and before you leave, please subscribe and click the bell, So you don’t miss a thing thanking you.

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